Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two peas in a pod

Karissa and I talk about how neat it is that Bennett and Zander are the same age and such good buddies. They love playing together and get along so well. Zander was born the same week that we told Karissa and Jason we were going to have a baby. So the boys are 9 months apart. This picture was not taken on Halloween... just one of the play days that they had together. 
Hoping that these two will share in the special memories and friendship like the boys. Karissa and I have been friends for over 20 years! And now to watch our kids  grow up as friends - so special!

Again, Zoe is 9 months older then Sophia so they will be the same grade in school. Though Zander and Zoe will go to River Falls schools. 

Taken as Zoe was checking out Sophia's eyes. She has a thing for poking people in the eye. 

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