Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tooth Fairy

It appears as though the tooth fairy might be making a visit to our house sooner rather then later. Upon Bennett's last visit to see Dr. Klostner, we learned that he has three teeth that are loose. The bottom two and one of the top ones. This made me feel better because he kept talking about his loose tooth and all I kept thinking of was when he fell and hit is on the concrete causing a massive blood scene, loose tooth and all the crying that goes along with it. Of course in my mind when it happened, I was picturing our little guy running around for the next year or two with either no tooth or worse yet a big black tooth. Doesn't that make for lovely Christmas pictures?!? Neither of those things happened, but it looks like nature is running the course and if Bennett has anything to say about it, he wants the the teeth out now. A couple of shots from the dentist. This was his fourth visit and he is an old pro now. Hopped right up in the chair, laid on his hands as instructed and let Gina clean, floss and polish all of his teeth. To top it off he picked out the candy cane fluoride!

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