Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heidi vs. Heather

Heather has a twin sister Heidi. Bennett has know Heidi since he was only a baby since she would watch her kids at Heather's house every Wednesday. Heidi has a daycare in her home as well and she has been a "back up" for Bennett since he started at Heather's. It is so nice to have somewhere to go if Heather is closed, sick or off for the day. Last Friday things were busy at work so I asked if Bennett could go back to Heidi's again, since Heather is closed. He had been there on Monday, Heather was off that day since the Superbowl was the night before and they are HUGE Packer fans. Bennett enjoyed Monday so much and kept asking about Heidi and going back to her house. So, Friday it was back to Heidi's and they had a great day. Lots of fun Valentine's activities and treats! So, when Monday rolled around what did Bennett have to say about going to Heather's... No she is closed. I want to go to Heidi's!

It is so great to know that he has two places to go where he is loved and taken care of and most importantly, where he loves to be!

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