Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farm Days

Days at the Farm are are full of fun events! On the last day, the weather had warmed up about 30 degrees from where it was the week before. This week, Papa joined us at the farm, bringing back the memories of when I was at the farm as a toddler.
Here is Megan starting a fire with the wood that we collected last week.
Bennett and Papa checking out some tracks in the woods.
Bennett is feeding the sheep, those are his favories.
And then brought the horses water.

The it was on to pound some nails. If you asked me a couple weeks ago about Bennett using a hammer, I would have thought you were crazy. But he did a great job with it!
In the hay loft! It was quite the challenge getting him to climb up the ladder, but once he was up I was worried that we were never going to get him down. He loved it.
Jenny took this one of Bennett peeking out for the top of the hay loft.

Climbing on the playset! Of course, has to go across the top -- typical boy!
All the kids sitting around for the fire that Megan built.

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