Thursday, December 16, 2010

Packed and ready to go...

I thought this picture was more then fitting to talk about the phase in life that Bennett is currently at. Packed and ready to go... anywhere and everywhere. Ready for anything!

Lately, Bennett has been one busy boy. Between playing at Heather's, racquet ball at the YMCA, visits with Santa, Christmas traditions, skiing - sledding - shoveling and playing with Oliver he hardly has time to pack for his impending trip. To Atlanta that is! To visit all of his cousins and godmother/father! Oh, it is going to be a trip. The packing has yet to begin for our vacation, however it is looming on the calendar only a week away. So hopefully Bennett will get his favorite clothes, a couple of swimsuits and we will be off to the airport next Saturday! Can't wait... the whole family!

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