Monday, December 27, 2010

An ear and a storm!

So, Bennett has an ear infection that sprung up on Monday during the day. When my mom picked him up Heather mentioned that his ear had been bothering him and he was kind of fussy and didn't eat very well. So, off to the doctor he and I went in the middle of a snow storm. We made it to the appointment and he had a nasty infection in his right ear. We were able to get a prescription and be on our way. I asked about traveling on the plane with him and the doctor said it would be a personal decision as to whether we went or not, but our departure was still 6 days away. Then Wednesday Bennett started to get more of a cold and cough which came on with a vengeance! Going into Friday we were about 50/50 of being able to go and then the snow moved into Atlanta and we knew that the flight might be less then desirable! That sealed the deal and we spent our Christmas at home in Hudson! Kind of a bummer, but probably for the best since Bennett is still complaining about his ear hurting. I took him into the doctor this evening again and she said that things are looking better, it is just the change in barometric pressure that is causing his ear to bother him. Hopefully this will be the last ear infection at our house for a LONG time!

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