Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

So, Thanksgiving has passed and everyone knows that I love to get some good deals. That means that this year Travis and I rolled out of bed at 2:15 and were out the door at 2:30 off to shop. Herberger's was our first stop at 3:00 am followed by Target and Wal-Mart. Shopping on Black Friday requires lots of planning, some skill and a bit of luck. Today, we had all of it! Travis dropped me at the door at Herberger's, I was able to find what I was looking for and bypass the line of over 100 people to a side checkout where I was number 4 in line. JACKPOT! We were leaving the parking lot at 3:15 and off to Target (in Hudson). Arriving at the store at 3:30 we pulled up to a massive line that spanned one side of the building and was wrapping onto the second. We waited in the car for about 10 minutes and headed outside to wait. We were on the side that had no wind, which meant much more pleasant conditions. We saw lots of funny people, but the best was a couple that walked around the corner, saw the huge line and he said to her... "You don't even have anything that you want to buy". She replied back "I just wanted to experience it." They promptly turned around and headed back to the car.
At 4:00 am when the doors opened the employees greeted us with pictures and video of the crowds and Travis and I were on a mission to the back of the store. With teamwork we gathered all of our items in about three minutes and were headed to the checkout. We were now second in line at the checkout in electronics, meaning we were out the door by 4:20 from Target - with all of the items that we came for. Another huge success!!! Then the last stop was Wal-Mart where we had nothing that was a 5:00 am item, so we gather all of our items and hit the checkouts at 4:57 just before the madness started! All in all it was a great day and we saved A LOT of money. Some may think we are crazy, but this tradition is growing on the both of us!

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