Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 on the 10th!

1. Bennett loves the word NOT. And uses it often. Too often.

2. Bennett's vocabulary is ever expanding. He is speaking in sentences, paragraphs actually. Sometimes it seems as thought he never stops talking. It is soooo funny to listen to what he says!

3. Bennett loves to do everything on his own. He wants to help with his medicine. Pick out his clothes. Go potty. He is very independent.

4. Last week, Bennett cried overnight for about 5 hours. He had a ruptured ear drum.

5. His memory is better then mine. He remembers things from today, this past weekend and this summer. He does not miss a beat!

6. The ski helmet that my parents bought his last year has become the fashion accessory of the season.
7. Bennett has a new ski DVD from papa. He never makes a peep in the car while he watches it.

8. DVD players in the car are worth their weight in gold! Bennett is the best traveler in the car. Sometimes we are not even sure if he is in the car.

9. Swimming continues to be a favorite activity, though raquetball is following in a close second. We make frequent trips to the Y!

10. Bennett's new favorite clothing are his jammies. He gets home each night and asks immediately to put on his jammies!

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