Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Second look

So the first rule in naming a blog is to select something that will stand the test of time. Clearly, me and my boys is no longer valid. Here's to our Peachie and B :-)

Things have been a little crazy around here to say the least, hence the lack of blogging as always. After our vacation to Atlanta and Destin over Thanksgiving, we can home and were welcomed back with a raging bout of the stomach flu. Luckily Sophia and Travis escaped it, but unfortunately Bennett, Nana & I all came down with it. A wonderful start to the cold and flu season.

Christmas was a wonderful time. We stayed home, relaxed and celebrated all of the magic of the holiday. Bennett is over the moon about Santa, preformed in two Christmas plays and enjoyed all of the presents that came along as we celebrated the birth of the baby Jesus!

We rang in 2013 with a bang at Jason and Karissa's. The boys didn't quite understand the whole concept, but they were thrilled to be up so late and playing together. The sparkling juice, hourly presents and decorations were all the highlights of the night. Sophia went with the flow and even made it to see the clock strike midnight.

2013 started off with more illness and I am the last to be on the road to recovery. After 12 days, I am hoping that the end is almost in sight. Is it spring yet?!? As always, when January rolls around so does tax season meaning that Travis is working like crazy. With all of the politics going on this year, things are a bit delayed on the tax front, but work has still be busy. Hoping that we will get to see daddy some times during the week. Trav's office is now right next to mine, so easy for him to run home or have Bennett drop by for a visit. Helps that I can keep an eye on him during the day, too ;-)

I promise that our life has been more then just illness and work, though some days that seems like it sums it up. Bennett has taking a real liking to snowboarding. He has been doing great learning on his own and is excited for the weekend to board again. The winter and Papa's pass have brought lots of trips to Afton skiing and Bennett now navigates throughout all Afton's runs. The harness is off a lot of the time. He is lucky to have such a great teacher with Papa.

Sophia is just the sweetest little ball of love one could ever wish for. She lights up our lives daily and is learning new things every day. She is waving bye bye and we are working on "So Big." She loves spending time during the day with Sally and we feel so lucky to have someone come into our home to watch her. Nana is looking forward to retirement and she will be spending a few days a week with Sophia once she is retired.

As we reflect on the first 30 days of 2013, we feel gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives. And look to the coming months with excitement...
Kindergarten registration
Work Trip to Florida
Vacation for Travis and I to Hawaii
First & Fifth birthday celebrations
Warm weather

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