Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Girl

Baby Sophia is the apple of our eye. She is a sweet cuddly ball of love that Travis and I are soaking in. We assumed before she was born that Bennett was going to be good with a new baby. He was convinced that it was a brother! He would talk all about a brother and how he only wanted a brother, not a sister. But still you hear the horror stories of people that can't leave their children in a room together along, or others that act out and rebel against the parents or sibling after baby arrives. And yet others that have regression in behavior or skills... I just hoped that none of these would describe our situation. And I was right. Bennett loves on Sophia almost more then Travis and I do. He is just obsessed with seeing her, hugging her, kissing her and just being around her in general. And sometimes it is just the littlest things. Tonight we let him hold her standing up. Like an adult does. Of course I never took my hands off her, but he was just proud as a peacock as he stood holding her and patting her bottom to calm her down. It is so sweet to watch the way he acts with her. It reaffirms what a sweet boy he is!

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