Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Lovin'

So, last year I took all of the time and things that happened over the summer and used those pictures and stories to blog almost everyday. I guess this summer we are just TOO busy to sit down at the computer and blog. What that does mean is that we are full of great pictures, stories and memories! We have spent the past 8 days in Atlanta - at the beach, pool, spending time with family and relaxing. Tons of pictures to show, but those will come later.

The newest picture is of our family during Bennett's 3 year shoot with Tamika! Amazing as always. I love the way that she captures Bennett in his element and even when you think that he has gone the whole session without a smile somehow she has gotten every picture with a smile - one bigger then the next. More photos to follow in the coming days.

Off to spend our last night in Atlanta before we head home to the real world. Bennett is going to be sad leaving behind his cousins, but we will be returning soon!

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