Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sea World

Being that Bennett and I arrived early in Orlando, we decided to take in one of the classic Orlando tourist attractions... Sea World! Now, this is one of the moments, where I think to myself - Can I do it, by myself? With him. Will he run away? Will I loose him? Will he start screaming and throw himself on the ground in a fit? But, of course we plan for the best and it sure was a great day. While we did have a few bumps (let's just say that the Shamu Show was more of a meltdown then anything) but other then that it was a great day!
Here Bennett is talking to Papa telling him about the dolphin show.
Personally, I really impressed myself with these pictures. All with the little point and shoot!
Bennett sitting so nice and perfect! This is a RARE moment!
This is where the meltdown started. Notice the foggy lens. That may have been me sweating from chasing Bennett around the stadium.
But, at the end of the day we have some awesome memories & pictures to take home. And here is the tired little boy that feel asleep on the cab ride home. As the cab driver asked to take me out to dinner?!?!

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