Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After the last post, I got to thinking about sleep in our house. For the past two months we were having, what one might call "sleeping issues." Well, really the only sleeping issue was where Bennett wanted to sleep. IN BED WITH US! ONLY. ALWAYS. He wanted nothing to do with his bed. Nothing to do with the floor next to our bed. It was only our bed and normally he would take up the majority of the bed leaving the edges for Travis and I! Meaning that we were getting kicked and hit, punched and rolled on every night! While the first few nights it was nice having him laying by us, we quickly realized that we were running down a tricky road and we were about at the point of no return. That last for about two months when Travis and I decided that we needed to BREAK THE HABIT! Knowing that was not going to be easy, we decided on a Saturday night that Bennett was going to sleep in his own bed. Come hell or high water, it was going to be. Travis worked with Bennett for about 2 1/2 hours and finally got him to sleep in his own bed. And so the story ends! Our little guy is just that good. With the exception of a few nights of asking to sleep with us or waking up when the sun is rising and coming in to our room he is back in his own bed! And all at the Schneider house are resting peacefully once again!

Not to mention, Travis and I are pretty proud of ourselves!!!

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