Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Twins - Then and Now!

In 1987 the MN Twins were in route to the World Series and I watched every game with my mom and dad. Paying close attention to my favorites - Kirby, Hrbek & Bruno. Then 1991 brought them back to the same race and I was again watching the games with my parents and enjoying all of the festivities that go along with being the World Champions! So many fun memories of welcoming the Twins back to the Dome after the Detroit series, going to the parades downtown St. Paul to watch the players and wives and celebrate with them.
Now the Twins are back in the same spot and it is so much fun to be watching the games with Bennett. He loves to watch baseball - regardless if it is the playoffs or not. He has his homer hanky, wears his rally hat (the same one that is used for Daddy & Papa's softball games) and cheers when the Twins get a run. Creating all of the same great memories that I had as a child!

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